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Posted by ginnypub on November 4, 2008

Did my vote count today?

The first presidential election I voted in was when I was 19. I voted for Jimmy Carter because he was “cool”. I knew this because he had done an interview for Playboy Magazine. In other words, like most young people then, as well as today, I didn’t know much about the candidates, elections, political parties or history. Though I fancied myself as well-read and “up on the issues”, I didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. Over the next four years, our country had double digit unemployment, double digit interest rates, a massive gasoline shortage, double digit inflation. A new term was coined. “Stagflation”. During this time, the military budget was gutted, Osama bin Laden rose to power, 52 Americans were held hostage and tortured for 444 days and Pres. Carter’s reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was to punish American athletes by boycotting the 1980 Moscow Olympic games. I never voted for a democrat again.

Today, Obamiacs were swarming all over my polling place. I had an inward smile at the memory of my first time. It quickly faded when I thought about the country my beautiful, innocent granddaughter would live in if the friend of radical domestic terrorists, radical racists and Islamic terrorists is elected president.


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