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Posted by ginnypub on November 5, 2008

Or should I say, all Hell? To His Excellency Global Community Supreme Potentate Barack Hussein Obama.

As a young child, Barry Obama showed remarkable intelligence and athletic ability, and also proved to be extraordinarily manipulative, able to bend others to his will with relative ease. His handlers arranged for his mother to be eliminated, and Barry himself eventually demanded the dispatch of his “father,” a key to his rise to power. With his advisers and counselors, Barry formed a successful alliance, which quickly made him a millionaire. However, he quickly grew bored with community organizing and, guided by the “kingmaker” George Soros, set his sights on politics.

At a young age, Barry stepped into the political scene as the junior senator from Illinois. Throughout his swift rise to global prominence, he feigned humility, saying he wished only to serve and denying that he ever sought power.

Barry quickly began effecting changes to the U.S., converting it into the Global Community and appointing himself as that government’s Supreme Potentate. After he raised Soros from the dead, he styled himself “His Excellency Global Community Supreme Potentate Barack Hussein Obama.” Eventually, Barry became a dictator, while still portraying himself as a benevolent pacifist.

What will the future hold? Stay tuned to watch Barry proclaim himself God, demand that everyone on Earth worship him and establish Obamamania as the only legal religion on Earth.

Will the Tribulation Force be able to expose this charlatan to the world? Why is it that only those who carry the mark of The Christ Jesus see Barry for what he truly is? For answers to these and other questions, pick up a copy of The Holy Bible and turn to the Book of Revelation.






One Response to “ALL HAIL!”

  1. janet nahpi said

    I think your the one that’s been drinking the koolaid

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