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Barry’s Kenyan Cerberus Crowing

Posted by ginnypub on November 9, 2008

Loyal cerberus to Barry Soetoro, Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya has stopped barking and started crowing!

Some excerpts from The Nation:

The Obama bonus is on its way — and it could mean greater prosperity for Kenya.

The Prime Minister spoke out as it was revealed that he and other Kenyan leaders had played a small but crucial part in helping to propel Mr Obama to the White House.

President Kibaki and Mr Odinga were consistent in their support for the US President-elect — and the Prime Minister had personally helped to block a smear campaign planned by supporters of Mr Obama’s Republican rival, Senator John McCain.

Further attempts to tarnish Mr Obama’s image among the Americans backfired when contentious author Jerome Corsi was invited to leave** Kenya, even as he tried to launch at book in Nairobi which was a sustained attack on the Democrat’s candidate.

Mr Corsi, an author frequently criticised for the bias and factual inaccuracies in his writings, had attempted to link Mr Obama through Mr Odinga to both communism and radical Islam.

Mr Corsi had also planned to visit a Nairobi slum where Mr Obama’s half brother had been reported as living ion reduced circumstances, effectively raising the question of the candidate’s ability to care for his own relatives, even as he sought to lead the US.

The author said he planned to donate cash to Mr Obama’s half brother.

Mr Corsi’s book, The Obama Nation, features Kenya prominently, and portrays the Prime Minister as a close associate of the President elect, and as “a Muslim sympathiser with well-known communist political roots”.

Mr Corsi said in his book that Kenya would play a key part in his “account because “Barack Obama himself tells us that Kenya is an important part of who he is, even today.”

In the event Mr Corsi was found to have entered Kenya posing as a tourist and without the permit needed to work as an author launching a book. He was therefore invited to leave or face deportation.

Mr Odinga described the attempts to link Mr Obama to Islam when he is in fact a Christian as rubbish.

“What these people were trying to do is completely unfounded. They just wanted to smear Mr Obama’s name,” he added.

 **INVITED TO LEAVE-Kenyan phrase-TRANSLATION: Ensconce in a detention facility under submachine-armed guards w/o passport, cellphone.                                                                                   



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