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Posted by ginnypub on November 10, 2008

A recent article on Politico about Michael Signator (“friend,” “longtime aide”,”former bodyman”, whose job is to provide “supplemental security support” for Barack Obama) peaked my curiosity. According to the article, Obama spends a good deal of time at Signator’s when he’s at home, working out in his building’s gym or just “hanging out”. Obama spends so much time in Signator’s building, that the other residents have stories about running into him in the elevator.  Obama’s presidential campaign refuses to reveal the details of Signator’s role, “for security reasons”. RED FLAG ALERT.

Despite being described as “a police officer in a suburban Chicago town”, Signator owns a home in DuPage County and rents an apartment on the 16th floor of Regents Park, located just a few blocks from Obama’s house in the Kenwood neighborhood. He has been paid $2900 a month from the Obama campaign since March of 2007.

A little digging (by me) turned up Michael Signator’s membership in Burnham Park Yacht Club. How does a policeman on the payroll of a presidential campaign for less than three grand a month afford a mortgage, rent in a high falutin’ high rise and membership in a yacht club?

Who IS Michael Signator?



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