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Posted by ginnypub on November 16, 2008

Perriello N.Y. Funds: 14% 

read the headline in the Martinsville Bulletin on Sunday 11/16/2008. Ace reporter, Amanda Buck, went on to write that she, the Martinsville Bulletin, nor the FEC knew how much money came from N.Y. because donors giving under $200 are not recorded.

Democrat Tom Perriello is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in VA’s fifth district. He’s not only up to his eyeballs in radical left wing money and associates, some of them brag about it.

Incumbant Virgil Goode’s campaign and other Conservatives had been critical of Perriello’s N.Y. donors.

Goode and Perriello are locked in a tight race that is yet to be decided because as I posted earlier under “VA 5th District Voter Fraud“, after Rep. Goode had won, votes magically appeared out of thin air for Perriello.

The Martinsville Bulletin backed Tom Perriello. The Martinsville Bulletin owners give grants to ACORN.


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