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Bernadine Dohrn-Protector of Children

Posted by ginnypub on November 17, 2008

Bernadine Dohrn: A leader of the terrorist cult, Weatherman (Weather Underground), in the 1960’s. “Their founding document called for the establishment of a “white fighting force” to be allied with the “Black Liberation Movement” and other “anti-colonial” movements[1] to achieve “the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism”.

These are her words pertaining to the slaughter of actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child, among others:

“Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” 

This is how she reacted to the lifetime paralysis of Richard Elrod, father of 2 children, during a violent Weatherman riot in Chicago.

She led a celebration of Elrod’s paralysis by leading her comrades in a parody of a Bob Dylan song — “Lay, Elrod, Lay.”

What did Bernadine Dohrn name her own child? Zayd. Zayd’s namesake is Zayd Shakur, a Black Panther killed while driving the radical JoAnne Chesimard (a.k.a. Assata Shakur) to a hideout — the resulting traffic stop shootout ended in the murder of a New Jersey State Trooper and father of a child, Werner Foerster.

Today, Bernadine Dohrn is Director of Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University. She must have changed from being a race-baiting proliferater of Communist dogma. Nah….

Bernadine Dohrn’s Children and Family Justice Center accepts grants. What foundation would be so like-minded that it would give Bernadine Dohrn a grant? I found one:



3 Responses to “Bernadine Dohrn-Protector of Children”

  1. Ware is Bernadine Dohrn now??? Hope she’s cower’n in her home feared fer someone ta do what she did fer her queer husband ‘n her nigger lovers.

  2. Ricardovitz said

    We didn’t do enough. We failed. Bernadine Dohrn is a liar. A hypocrite. A pretend love of children, but genuine evil clown who celebrated the blood of strangled, sliced and butchered Sharon Tate. John Wayne Gacey traded in his clown suit for a middle-aged female academic disguise and is still terrorizing Chicago as Bernadine Dohrn. Protector of Children by day… demonic blood-thirsty cannibal by night.

  3. […] and believe in man-made global warming.  They are advocates for children and proved it with a $150,000 grant to convicted domestic terrorist Bernadine Dohrn. A list of organizations the Haskells contribute […]

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