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Gov. Palin’s follow-up for Turkey-gate

Posted by ginnypub on November 23, 2008

I see once again, the GLP (Gutless Little Prissies) are ragging on Gov. Palin because she (gasp!) had the audacity to talk to an interviewer at a turkey farm. It seems her crimes are endless with the GLP’s:

She believes corn is food and oil is fuel. She worships Christ, not Black separatist “theology”. She doesn’t believe abortion is a woman’s “health issue”. She believes in the Constitution, not the Communist Manifesto. She believes the U.S. Military should stay a fighting force of warriors, not an extension of the U.N. for transportation of humanitarian aid.

So, I’ve been thinking. What could Gov. Palin possibly do that would raise her to the status of Beloved Icon to the GLP’s? Then it hit me.

She could perform a partial birth abortion with a Crucifix live on national television with one hand, while waving a burning, upside down American Flag in the other and tooting out The Internationale on her flute with her vagina.

Now if she could just manage, while doing all that, to squeeze out a tear and an adoring expression at a studio audience member wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt…..

2 Responses to “Gov. Palin’s follow-up for Turkey-gate”

  1. goodtimepolitics said

    Thanks for a good post ginnypub, the far left nuts will cry once they find out that Obama is not going to give them all the handouts that they want so that they can lay around on couch watching TV. Obama is for self only!
    All these attacks on Sarah Palin by the left is only helping her to build on becoming a powerful women in government!! She has more experience than Obama! I linked to your post and I hope you don’t mind! Happy Thankgiving!

  2. […] quit eating steak, no pork chops or fish for you far left nuts! Thanks ginnypub for posting Gov. Palin’s follow-up for Turkey-gate She believes corn is food and oil is fuel. She worships Christ, not Black separatist […]

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