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“Allowed” To Have THREE Children

Posted by ginnypub on November 24, 2008

Some heat-wrenching news for the partial-birth abortion cheerleaders (or as I like to call them, Barry Soetoro voters) who have been chanting, “China, China, suck out that fetal brain! Now it’s time for us to reign! We decide who’ll reproduce cause we got President Barry on the loose!”

Chinese authorities succumbed to international pressure, especially from U.S. politicians, and will not force a six-month pregnant woman to undergo an abortion procedure.

Arzigul Tursun, a Uyghur Muslim living in the remote northwest region of China, was released from the hospital in Xinjiang on Nov. 18 where she was being held captive. The soon-to-be a mother of three told Radio Free Asia shortly after her release: “I am all right and I am at home now.”

Tursun was supposedly released because the head of the local population control committee deemed that her health condition was not good enough to have an abortion.

However, authorities had held her in hospitals with the intention of forcing her to have an abortion for nearly a week with no acknowledgment that her health would be in danger if she underwent an abortion. Population control officials had even threatened to seize her family’s land and home when she ran away twice to save her baby. Tursun, with the understanding that her two other children might be homeless if she did not return, went back to the hospital on her own the first time and was brought back by her husband and authorities the second time.

In the United States, congressmen were outraged at news that China was forcing a woman to have an abortion, even as the international community watched on.

Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), the House Ranking member on the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, and Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) wrote a letter to China’s ambassador to Washington to demand that “the nightmare of a forced abortion” be stopped.

One thing’s for sure. You can just bet your bottom dollar that Smith and Pitts have completely ruined any chances they had of securing a spot in Barry’s new “bi-bipartisan” administration’s Population Control Board!


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