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Phil Burnette Snarking, Sniffing and Snorting

Posted by ginnypub on November 25, 2008

Phil Burnette, chairman of the Henry County Democratic Party has chimed in on the decision by incumbent Republican Virgil Goode from VA’s 5th District to file papers for a recount in this years election against Democrat challenger Tom Perriello. According to Phil, the recount has nothing to do with 3,200 votes “changing” since the morning after the election.

“Virgil (Goode) is just using public money for his own edification,” Burnette added, referring to the localities’ responsibility for paying for the recount. State law requires localities to cover the costs when the difference between the candidates is less than half a percent.

Funny, how Phil didn’t have such a low opinion of Virgil Goode when he donated cash to a previous campaign. Rep. Goode’s principles and beliefs haven’t changed over the years, only his political party affiliation. How about your principles and beliefs, Phil?



3 Responses to “Phil Burnette Snarking, Sniffing and Snorting”

  1. UVA08 said

    I apologize for the “mad” comment, i was basing it more on previous posts in combination with that one, but I rescind that characterization.

    You say, “Rokey tossing out military ballots, the magical appearance of votes for Perriello in Charlottesville and college kids voting in more than one state.”

    I actually didn’t know how Rokey was but a Google search leads me to believe you’re talking about Rokey Suleman of Fairfax. If so, Fairfax Co. isn’t close to the 5th District so has nothing to do with this race. In regards to the magical appearance of votes in C-ville, the canvassing did what it was supposed to do, get the accurate number of people who voted for each candidate in each precinct. Perriello led by a couple thousand until votes were re-tabulated in Danville, and “miraculous” votes were found in Franklin County as well. The final results of the 5th District haven’t changed in at least the last 10 days.

    Do you have proof of multiple college kids in the 5th district voting in more than one state? If so you should conjecture “outta your ass.” Oh and I personally voted in only one state, but I’m glad you’re noticing where i’m visiting extending family for thanksgiving ;-).

    Finally I made a logical conclusion about Goode’s supporters switching. I dont know how many. But when a man who was elected with no fewer than 59% of the vote in each of the last 5 elections loses, I feel comfortable saying some (in the thousands) switched from Goode supporters to Perriello supporters (mostly for the reasons I listed in my first response). If you don’t agree that’s your right.

  2. ginnypub said

    Mad? Did you actually read the post? Amused, yes. Maybe a little nauseated. But mad? No.
    Things that make me mad are: Rokey tossing out military ballots, the magical appearance of votes for Perriello in Charlottesville and college kids voting in more than one state.
    Which reminds me, did you vote in Massachusetts AND Virginia?
    When you pull statistics outta your ass without backing them up, like “thousands of Goode supporters became Perriello supporters this year” you demonstrate what we like to call in the 5th District-not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground.

  3. UVA08 said

    Seriously? You’re gasping at straws. Burnett, a Democratic County Chair, gave money to a Democratic first time congressional candidate 12 years ago and you’re mad? Virgil certainly has changed. He embarrassed himself and the district nationally with his Ellison comments, his ineffectiveness in Congress (Bobby Scott and Thelma Drake got more money for their districts and they AREN’T on Appropriations) and his positions have radicalized in the last twelve years whether you admit it or not. Virgil was outside of the mainstream of Republicans, couldn’t work with a Democratic majority, and was an ineffective representative in Congress. All those reasons are valid why a former Goode donor became a Perriello supporter. Thousands of Goode supporters became Perriello supporters this year.

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