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Barry’s Dream Team

Posted by ginnypub on December 2, 2008

al-Qaeda has stopped dreaming about the good old days and started celebrating “The Good Old Days, Redux” since Barry Soetoro has named some members of his cabinet. They started the celebration off with a bang, killing a few hundred innocents in Mumbai, India. Finding a few Jews to savagely torture before killing was like an extended Eid ul-Fitr عيد الفطر‎! But the icing on the cake was the sound of the littlest Jew, Moshe, crying out for his murdered mother. Praise Allah, for another orphaned Jew!


And praise be to the American President-elect, Barry Soetoro! He has invited dear friend of al-Qaeda, Samantha Power, back into his fold. By Allah, her dreams of a world without Israel bring a tear to the eye…Fools by nature, most women would not understand that the real terrorist nations are the U.S. and Israel. Perhaps a man explained it to her in college?

But, in the true interest of saving the best for last: The dearest, most beloved friend of al-Qaeda, Dr. Susan Rice has been named by President-elect Soetoro as Ambassador to the United (with Islam) Nations! How could we forget those glory days of the 1990’s when Dr. Rice saved Mohammad (praise be his name)-on-Earth, Osama bin Laden, not once but twice, from the American infidels? No doubt the Clinton administration would have spoken to Osama with all manner of disrespect before a U.S. Federal Judge released him on his own recognizance! Thanks to Dr. Rice’s efforts on our behalf, al-Qaeda has been fortunate enough to kill thousands of American infidels since the 1990’s.

exitrice1  images

Let us not forget to bid farewell to the Cowboy, George W. Bush. He kept us out of the terrorist U.S.A., but since we have been invited back in by President-elect Soetoro and his companions, WE’LL BE SEEING THEM SOON!


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