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Equal Rights for Gay, Lesbian, Trans-somethings, blah, blah, blah

Posted by ginnypub on December 5, 2008

Since Prop 8 in CA was passed, yet again, in a democratic election, the usually screeching “tolerant” and “loving” voices “for equality” have ratcheted up and morphed into a maniacal, violent gang, calling for a rumble with the Mormons. Instead of the “Bloods” calling out the “Crypts”, it’s the “Flower Buds” calling out the “Nondescripts”. Never mind that 70 percent of black voters and half of Latino voters voted yes; two-thirds of self-identified Christians, married voters, parents, the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Church and evangelical groups in the state also urged for a ban on gay marriage, those heathen Nondescripts spent a LOT OF MONEY on ADS. Now, I’ll confess that it burns me when George Soros, the Progressive Insurance guy and the Ben and Jerry’s guys throw gazillions of dollars into the coffers of every socialist candidate that comes down the pike, but it hasn’t really crossed my mind to stomp on a cross, scream racial epithets or call them out for a rumble on Main Street. Their candidate was ELECTED by MAJORITY vote.

Now for good measure, the Flower Buds have entered into Bizarro World where they compare their “fight for equality” to that of Africans who were kidnapped from their families, whipped, chained, starved and denied basic human needs, let alone “rights”, in a completely foreign country with a completely foreign culture. Who is their Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Ellen DeGeneres, maybe.

Setting aside religiosity, I’d hazard a guess that the reason voters have passed bans on “gay marriage” in 30 states is that folks are just plain tired of every aspect of their lives, from the workplace to public toilets being adjudicated and legislated by faux moral authorities. The fact of the matter is, especially in the workplace and in the public school system, homosexuals do not want “equal rights”. They want and have achieved through the court system, the status of the handicapped, with special bathroom accommodations, etc. Marriage is like the last stand. I suspect that if the Flower Buds would stop calling out the Nondescripts and everyone else they disagree with for a street brawl and just act like they got some sense, maybe, just maybe, folks would change their minds.

The question is, if the homosexual community sincerely wants rights equal to heterosexuals, how many immunities is it willing to surrender?

Immunity from arrest for sex acts in public? As a heterosexual, this is against the law, even for married partners.

Immunity from child protection laws? As a heterosexual, you would be charged for bringing your child to an S&M orgy.

Immunity from hate crimes? As a heterosexual you would be charged for bullying, harassing or threatening another because of their religious affiliation or skin color.

Immunity from job termination? As a heterosexual, if you’re doing a lousy job, yelling “Discrimination!” doesn’t mean you get to keep your job.

How about special bathroom accommodations? As a heterosexual in the workplace or on campus, you have to use the men’s room if you have a penis and the ladies’ room if you have a vagina. You are not afforded special “gender-neutral” bathrooms.

Findly, I don’t have any statistics on this, but I bet just about everyone has a relative, friend or colleague who is gay. Most folks don’t care what goes on in another person’s bedroom, so long as it doesn’t involve someone’s child or pet. It’s when private bedroom activities spill over into neighborhood streets, public school campuses, workplaces and amusement parks that people stop listening, stop supporting and most importantly, stop caring.


One Response to “Equal Rights for Gay, Lesbian, Trans-somethings, blah, blah, blah”

  1. What most people fail to understand is WHY we want these 1,138 rights – Because cruel suffering happens when those 1,138 rights are NOT in place!

    So until we have what other Americans get doled out to them LIKE CANDY, more individuals are taking this to the Supreme Court, and will refuse taxation until equal. The I.R.S. are FOOLS if they think ALL LGBT Americans are tax-compliant considering the blatant discrimination against our beloved families. [equality tax protest – 04.15.09]

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