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Posted by ginnypub on December 9, 2008

I am predicting a bright political future for Democrat Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich! Attempting to sell a state senate seat was a stroke of genius. Just think about that other elected official from Chicago. He was involved in quid pro quo shady land deals with a Syrian-born slum-lord, has never produced a birth certificate, medical records, college transcripts or a state voting record and he was overwhelming elected President of the United States. Yessiree…big things in store for the governor.

Some might think this whole getting- arrested- by- the- Feds thing might hurt Blagojevich’s chances for the Big Time. I disagree. Given Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s track record of prosecuting the wrong guy, he’ll probably just drag in a janitor who mispoke about vacuuming the Governor’s office, when he actually dusted on the day in question.

Tony Rezko and Gov. Rod Blagojevich (or as lovely wife Patty likes to call him, the "little motherfu--er")

Tony Rezko and Gov. Rod Blagojevich (or as lovely wife Patty likes to call him, the “little motherfu–er”)


4 Responses to “HOT ROD BLAGOJEVICH”

  1. ginnypub said

    (Sipping my coffee (w/ half-n-half, no sugar)); I agree with you, but if that ever happens, it’ll probably make coffee shoot through my nose!

  2. i’m hoping Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and start doing what’s best for the people they represent (by putting this guy away for a long time)

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  4. goodtimepolitics said

    I kind of agree with you cause the Illinois politicians seem to become STARS on corruption news about themselves! MSNBC will help makes him a Star and he may get on The Walk of the Stars in Hollywood!

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