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Posted by ginnypub on December 17, 2008

There are people I read about, or cross paths with, that I would label “hero” for outstanding acts of valor in the face of overwhelming odds. There are others who assign the “hero” label to athletes, celebrities, abortion providers and suicide bombers. I can honestly say that describing someone humming a couple of shoes at someone’s head as a “hero” would not occur to me in a million years. For this reason, I was surprised, sickened, angry, and at times, amused, with what some Iraqi bloggers had to say about the Iraqi “journalist” throwing his shoes at the head of the President of the United States here, here, here, here and perhaps the most bizarre here (where the blogger refers to the “sacred shoe”).

These bloggers and others, as well as the American and international media outlets, always mention that it is a horrible insult in the Arab world to have a shoe thrown at you. Big Whoopee. President Bush isn’t Arabic. In Texas, a grown man throwing his shoes at another would probably be referred to as “A Little Chicken Shit”, which may explain the amused look on the President’s face.

I was going to write a lengthy blog about the ingratitude of these bloggers, but someone else sums it up much better than I could ever do.  This is an excerpt from Talismangate:

I think quite a number of Iraqis were embarrassed by how their guest got treated today. Personally, I got angry. Very angry.

I will make a public promise: should I ever run into a certain reporter called Muntather al-Zaidi, presently of Al-Baghdadia TV, I will seriously consider beating the crap out of him. If I am successful in bringing him down, then my coup de grace shall be to take one of his shoes, preferably the one on the right, and stuff it in his mouth.

See, I will forever remain indebted to President George W. Bush. He is my hero. He liberated Iraq, and that’s how I will always see it. Had there been no President Bush, then Saddam would still be Saddam.

The usual suspects are ecstatic over what happened, especially the US-based media and Iraq-watchers. I would like to beat them all up too, but I think that would be a tad bit excessive. The best revenge is to make them watch Iraq’s democracy strengthen and prosper. Today’s images gave them a temporary high; a new Iraq, free and democratic, something they believed would never happen, will gnaw at their insides for the rest of their lives. I’ll settle for that.

For the record, Iraqi blogging ingrates, here are some of my heroes. I guarantee you there isn’t a shoe-throwing chicken shit in the bunch.




One Response to “INGRATES IN IRAQ”

  1. goodtimepolitics said

    Good post! If the shoe was thrown at anyone except President Bush who has kept our country safe from terrorist there would not of been anything said about it. Here in the US I would say that someone that did such a thing would not be consider a man!

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