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POTUS Luncheon

Posted by ginnypub on January 8, 2009

The current POTUS invited all the current POTUSes (POTI?) for lunch at the White House this week. Here they are:



3 Responses to “POTUS Luncheon”

  1. ginnypub said

    “Success” in Barry Soetoro’s world is unilateral disarmament, federally-rationed health “care”, SCOTUS legislators and amending the 1st Amendment to exclude dissenting voices.

  2. goodtimepolitics said

    The new guy’s failiers is also ours, such as the big spending spree that we will leave our grandchildren to pay back. Wasn’t it the democrats hollering about leaving such a debt for our children?

  3. Davis said

    “POTI” — love it. But don’t be too cynical yet about the new guy. His success is our success.

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