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Barry, Barry, Quite Contrary…

Posted by ginnypub on January 16, 2009

How does your garden grow?


With Raging Commies…


And anti-Semitic mommies…


Tax Evaders…


And Military haters…


All in a row…


2 Responses to “Barry, Barry, Quite Contrary…”

  1. ginnypub said

    Pointing out facts about someone is not “hating”. It’s pointing out facts. Hating is an energy-waster. Ever notice how tired all those terrorism-appeasing, Bush-hating protesters look? Comes from hating (and maybe not bathing, but that’s another story.)

    IMO, the only way we won’t “all go down with him” is that Barry Soetoro’s policies for “a new America” fail.

  2. Davis said

    Hope you’re enjoying all the hating you’re getting to do these days. With any luck he’ll fail and we’ll all go down with him.

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