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Bias: No McCain Supporter Mugshots

Posted by ginnypub on January 21, 2009

My friend Ayn is at it again. From an email:



2 Responses to “Bias: No McCain Supporter Mugshots”

  1. Pat said

    Helga is a hatin’ too.

    • ginnypub said

      Yep. She told me just the other day how she’s hatin’ that it’s too cold to jump in her pool. Thankfully, she still has access to a private jet and vacation home, and friends all over the world. We were going to get together for a gun cleaning party at our mega church this week, but we postponed it til next week. This is the time of year she’s required to take money from her successful business and cut a check to the federal, state and local bureaucracy so they can pass it along to the bottom feeders.

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