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Oh no he di-unt!

Posted by ginnypub on January 21, 2009

I could hardly wait to get to Virginia Beach today so I could put a toe in the Atlantic Ocean with its new and improved lower level. At first I was disappointed that the Atlantic was at the same level it was on Jan. 19th, but then it occurred to me (smack forehead), it probably started in the Pacific and just hasn’t reached the East Coast yet.

When I got home, I hurriedly switched on the TV, in hopes of catching endless reruns of the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. My hopes were dashed when I saw that the National Prayer Service was being broadcast live. What the hell is this (throwing arms in the air), I shouted at the television screen, a theocracy?! My new president promised hope and change, not a bunch of Christian fanatics, like the last administration!

Well, I don’t mind telling you that I was more than just a little relieved when I listened to the selected speakers (wiping forehead, sighing).

Western Democracy Demonization Theology was well represented by the great theologian  Sharon Watkins.



Communist Superiority Theology was well represented by the great theologian Jim Wallis.


Beat Down Whitey Theology was well represented by Otis Moss.


Suicide Bomber Theology was well represented by the great theologian Ingrid Mattson.



I’m not ashamed to admit to more than (quivering lower lip) just a few tears of thankfulness at the sight of these Disciples praying to our Lord and Savior, Barry Soetoro. Praise be his name (whatever his real name might be, which is so not important). Let us not forget that the disgustingly intolerant “God” the far-right evangelical whack-o crowd worships also goes by several different names; Yahweh, Jehovah.

Tee hee (girlish giggle). Our savior, at one point, so overcome by the adulation, accidently placed a hand over his heart during the singing of the anthem of oppression, intolerance and white supremacy, the National Anthem of the United States of KKK. From the look on the blessed Michelle’s face, I bet he really got it when he got home….tee hee, how cute are they?



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