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Slumdog Millionaires

Posted by ginnypub on January 28, 2009

Community Organizer in Chief Barry Soetoro promises the residents living in the slums of Chicago’s Southside that he would “fix” their housing problems. He and his slum lord partner profitted. Housing got worse. In return for his selfless generosity, the residents gave him votes. It was all about Barry.



Barry visited his impoverished relatives and villagers in Kenya where his (alleged) father grew up. He was doing research for a book about himself . He promised to always be there for them and help them. After he made a killing off his book, he moved his American family into this home with the help of his slum lord friend, Tony Rezko, who, unlike Barry, kept his word in the ongoing quid pro quo. It was all about Barry.



Barry’s Kenyan grandmother Sarah confidently told reporters before his visit: “When he comes down here, he will change the face of the school and, believe me, our poverty in Kogelo will be a thing of the past.” She doesn’t know it’s all about him.



Barry promised the people of the United States of America that he would give tax breaks to the “forgotten middle class” and “not really” welfare checks to those who don’t pay federal income taxes. In return for his promises, the American people loaned him this house.


A trail of broken promises led Barry here. It’s all about him.


5 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaires”

  1. Pat said

    President Barack Obama sure has changed a lot of the Cheney policies from the past 8 years. Old Deadeye has been put in the pasture instead of the bunker. LOL!!

  2. DD said

    Everyone knows that turds float, prime example: slum lords,Pat said
    I, myself, will get great enjoyment out of the next 4 years, not “hatin'” but “lovin'” every second

  3. Pat said

    Thanks for all th pics of our great new Prez!

    They’ll be many more over the next 8 years so enjoy!

    He is doing a fine job cleaning up Cheney’s mess.

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