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Dear BFF Ahmie

Posted by ginnypub on January 29, 2009




Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President, Iran


Please forgive all the things the U.S. did that made you fund Islamic serial mass murder. I promise there will be no further criticism of your Holocaust denials or killing of members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

In a show of my everlasting friendship and support, I am dispatching my Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, to your wonderful country to present you with two nuclear reactors and a wad of U.S. currency that has been freshly printed just for you, as we have no money in our treasury. As you will recall, Sec. Rodham-Clinton’s husband extended the same courtesy to North Korea and I feel this is the least we can do for you. Since I have a much clearer understanding of the world than the Islamophobic neocons in the previous administration, I realize that you are building nuclear facilities only for electrical energy.

Very truly yours,

Barry Soetoro, President U.S.A.

P.S. If you are offended that a female will be delivering your gifts, please notify me and I will name the replacement of your choice. Also, please advise me if my gift-bearer should convert to the peaceful religion of Islam and I will arrange for the immediate conversion. I have Muslims in my family and I have lived in Muslim countries, you know.



6 Responses to “Dear BFF Ahmie”

  1. DD said

    Ginny, you are committing a cardinal sin. Only hard core left wing nut cases aka Liberals have the right to criticize and hate
    It did not take very long after O. H. gave his Carteresque interview with Al Arabiya , Mr. Ahmadinejad ( cute, little, warm fuzz ball ) kicked O.H. in the groin, demanding an apology for past and present?war crimes

  2. Pat said

    Nice Blog?

    Anti-American propaganda.

    You few remaining hard core right wingers are a desperate group.
    Your era is over, your brand is in trouble, and Faux News won’t have the inside line in DC any more.

    Blah, blah, blah in your blogs til’ the cows come home.
    It did wonders for Allen, Gilmore, and Goode!

  3. nononobama said

    Nice blog, check mine out:

    Baroccoli Obamination

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