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Martinsville’s Cousin Eddies

Posted by ginnypub on February 8, 2009

Cousin Eddie Johnson is a character in National Lampoon’s “Vacation” movies.

Cousin Eddie, his wife Catherine and two of their four children live in an RV. Cousin Eddie’s family has to eat Hamburger Helper without the hamburger. His children get no Christmas gifts. They have no indoor plumbing.

You see, Cousin Eddie supports his family on a disability pension from the Army. He has been out of work for 7 years. Why would a man allow his family to live in squalor; without even the basic essentials to sustain human life? “He’s been holding out for a management position”.

Cousin Eddie complains about the lack of funds from the federal government. “I got laid off when they closed that asbestos factory, and now wouldn’t you know it, the army cuts my disability pension because they said that the plate in my head wasn’t big enough”.


I grew up in a town full of Cousin Eddies and their off-spring, Cousin Eddie, Jr., Cousin Eddie III…..generations of Cousin Eddies. It’s called Martinsville, VA.


Today the Richmond Times Dispatch ran a story about Martinsville, VA. More specifically, a story about the jobless rate in Martinsville. The statewide jobless rate in the Commonwealth of Virginia is 5.4%. The jobless rate in Martinsville is 15.4%; the highest in the Commonwealth. How can this be? From the story:

The big plants started shutting or leaving more than a decade ago as federal trade policies changed, and more have closed in the past two years.

Today, 31.5 percent of Martinsville residents 25 or older do not have a high school diploma, compared with 18.5 percent statewide, according to census figures.

City Manager Clarence Monday: “With the manufacturing jobs gone or going, those who can find work are taking low-paying positions. A large percentage of our work force is underemployed. They’ve had to accept jobs that don’t have the same salary.”

Earlier this month, Barry Soetoro used a Martinsville family as poster children when he signed into  legislation the massive SCHIP expansion. How does Martinsville, VA react to its problems making the front page of the state’s largest newspaper and captured for eternity in a legislative bill-signing photo-op?

The Martinsville Bulletin completely ignored the jobless story. In its place, the Bulletins owners, Robert and Elizabeth Haskell, chose to publish on their editorial page praise for Barry Soetoro using the same poster family they themselves had used for a Georgetown University study that they themselves had funded.



5 Responses to “Martinsville’s Cousin Eddies”

  1. Pat said

    There’s a bevy of theses folks down in Richlands but they can’t find their way out of them thar hills.

    Amazing how two [u & br 😉 ideologue chicks with warped right-wing talkin points found Martinsville.

    • ginnypub said

      You really get low rent, for someone who claims to have earned a doctorate, when you’re away from the admiration of the Cousin Eddies. Maybe you have a Pseudo Doctor of Hackery.

  2. DD said

    Pat must have recognized his cousin and now his feelings are hurt, shame on you Ginny
    Quote from Pat:
    President Obama has made a lot of friends here and no doubt he IS thinking about our community and the others suffering along with us.

    Obama is thinking of Martinsville Henry County?
    Read on

    • ginnypub said

      Thanks for the excellent link, DD. It’s so refreshing to read thoughtful and researched comments instead of Pat’s idiotic “you’re a pooh-pooh head” cracks.
      When he’s challenged by someone who isn’t a Cousin Eddie, his thin skin (a mark of liberals and vampires) absolutely glows with transparency.

  3. Pat said

    President Obama has made a lot of friends here and no doubt he IS thinking about our community and the others suffering along with us.

    The American people made the right choice last November but its sad to see Repubs clinging to outdated, unfair policy like tax breaks for the rich.

    The Republican brand, like these useless blogs, is on the way out.

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