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Take This Card…Take My House

Posted by ginnypub on February 11, 2009

Yesterday’s stop was in Florida in the  American Tour of the  Barry Soetoro’s Squirrel Revival of the First Self-Righteous Church.

 By some miracle, a 61-yr-old homeless cancer patient (living in a pickup truck for a year) named Henrietta Hughes was able to obtain an advance ticket,  procure a front-row seat  and (this is REALLY a miracle) was called upon by Brother Barry himself!

A staffer later gave her a card to the head of the housing authority and she was told he would help her.

“That was my desire,” the 61-year-old woman said as she cried. “I said I just pray to the Lord.”

I haven’t heard yet if Henrietta has decided to keep the card to the Housing Authority that already has her on a 2-yr waiting list or the 3-bedroom house. I also haven’t heard yet if Henrietta has learned the difference between Fake Messiah Bullshit and Christian Conservative True Grit.

NICK THOMPSON, Republican, District 71: parts of Lee and Collier Counties. Legislative Assistant: Katie Dickerson District Secretary: Charlotte Gammie District Office: 2120 Main Street, Suite 208, Fort Myers, FL 33901-3010. Telephone: 239-533-2411


3 Responses to “Take This Card…Take My House”

  1. Pat said

    This is a specific example of the Republican plan for every Federal regulatory agency. First, put the people being regulated in control, then cut the FDA budget (read – inspectors), next encourage the states to pick up the slack and things worse than poison penuts are likely to happen.

    Thank goodness the GOP brand continues to sink in its own slime.

  2. Pat said

    You ARE the diva of doublespeak.

    Your position of the peanut sitch is so lame.

    Especially since it was a two-time Bush administration appointee who were in charge when the rgs went away. Heck, in the fall of ’08 Cheney even reappointed the lynchburg man who operates the company that caused this mess to an industry advisory board that helps the U.S. Department of Agriculture set quality standards.

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