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I’ve Got Your Truth Squad Right Here

Posted by ginnypub on February 17, 2009

In 2004 when the U.S. Senate gathered for its official portrait, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) approached VP Dick Cheney like they were old friends. VP Cheney’s response was, “Go fuck yourself”.  

There are many reasons why VP Cheney would respond to Sen. Leahy in this manner. Leahy’s head looks like a scrotum sac and he acts like  a dickhead are a couple of thoughts that immediately come to mind. It’s not quite that simple. You see, Pat and Dick have known each a long time. Back in the mid ’80’s, VP Cheney was Rep. Richard Cheney (R-WY). Sen. Patrick Leahy was a member of the U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee.

Jul 22, 1987 [William E. Colby]’s remarks came as Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., one of two congressmen accused of threatening to leak secrets about a U.S. covert operation against Libya in 1985, denied the charge at a Washington news conference. At the time of the leak, Leahy was vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Sen. Dave Durenberger, R-Minn., chairman of the panel, also was reported in The Times story as having threatened to reveal the planned covert operation involving the United States and two North African countries to unseat Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

Sen. Leahy gave a copy of the U.S. Senate’s Intelligence Committee’s Iran-Contra Report to NBC News. Tom Brokaw reported on NBC Nightly News on Tuesday, Jul 28, 1987 that Leahy had resigned from his place on the committee.

Congress started going bat-shit over the Reagan Administration keeping intelligence close to the vest.

Representative Dick Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, said the Leahy incident made it ”a little more understandable why the Administration has, over the months and years, been concerned about dealing with Congress on sensitive intelligence matters.”

Now Leaky Leahy wants a “truth squad” in an effort to prosecute the Bush Administration because he’s pissed off about being kept out of the loop.

Let’s roll, senator, let’s roll!


One Response to “I’ve Got Your Truth Squad Right Here”

  1. Pat said

    Even though he begged to Bush for weeks, carpy Cheney couldn’t get him to pardon Scooter. Great prison nickname!

    Hmmmmmm . . . 1st Troopergate and now dodging taxes – looks like Palin’s light has about burned out.

    Alaska is pretty dark in the winter don’t ‘cha know.

    U betcha’ !


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