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Ole Juan Cole The Lying Ole Troll

Posted by ginnypub on March 6, 2009

Juan Cole is a professor of Middle East and South Asian history at the University of Michigan. He’s also a blogger. Prof. Cole is a very important person. If you don’t believe me, just ask him.

Not everyone, however, is as enamored with Prof. Cole as he is with himself. Christopher Hitchens describes him as “a minor nuisance on the fringes of the academic Muslim apologist community. At one point, there was a danger that he would become a go-to person for quotes in New York Times articles (a sort of Shiite fellow-traveling version of Norman Ornstein, if such an alarming phenomenon can be imagined), but this crisis appears to have passed….who affects such expertise in Persian, cannot decipher the plain meaning of a celebrated statement and is, furthermore, in need of a remedial course in English”.

Yale University shared the same opinion, when in 2006, it denied him a faculty position, based on an assessment of Cole’s scholarly work. Very Important Person Cole blamed his rejection at an Ivy League university on “a concerted press campaign by neoconservatives…(which) was inappropriate and a threat to academic integrity”.

The main problem, among many, with Prof. Cole is that he lies. He gets called out for it. He retro-edits his lies and denounces the denouncer.  He’s like a kid with a sore tooth who can’t keep his tongue away from it.

Some “for instances”:


This policy was implemented in 1991 under Secretary of Defense, Richard Cheney and Pres. George H. W. Bush.

I have learned from Martin Kramer to capture a screenshot of Prof. Cole’s writings if I want to reference them in the future because of his retro-editing and deleting penchants.

In Jan 2009, Cole posted this:


In response, Martin Kramer posted this: Actually, Atta’s will was dated April 11, 1996—one week before the Qana tragedy, on April 18. We don’t know for certain why he made it, but it cannot be because he witnessed any footage from Qana, which was still in the future. And Cole apparently never read the will. It contains no pledge to die while avenging anyone. The will deals with disposition of Atta’s body and possessions in the event of his death. It’s not a “martyrdom will,” but a standardized one, provided by Atta’s Hamburg mosque. (You can read the full text here.)
Update: In the wake of this post, Cole has partly retro-edited his own post (without indicating so).

Today IraqPundit blogged about Prof. Cole’s latest lying-fest.

Wonder how long it will be before he retro-edits?

I’ve got the screen caps, in case you need them, IraqPundit.


9 Responses to “Ole Juan Cole The Lying Ole Troll”

  1. Pat said

    If a conservative can’t debate proven facts, he spits out insults and again shows his IQ.

    DD the low IQ repug troll.

    G’pub now b sure to thank DD for his apology.

    LOL !

  2. Pat said

    DD, please remove your head from G’pub’s rather wide buttocks.

    • ginnypub said

      DD’s head wouldn’t fit in yours. You’d have to remove the gerbil first.

    • DD said

      If a liberal can’t debate proven facts, he spits out insults and again shows his IQ

      sorry Ginny, I am apologizing for some one else’s stupidity and ignorance, perhaps, one of these days I get to meet you in person, till than I have no clue who you are, just stumbled across your blog by sheer accident and liked what I read

      • ginnypub said

        Thanks for the kindness, DD.
        I’ve never covered my identity, so about anyone can find me.
        No need to apologize for Pat. We have a long history. He knows better than
        to get personal with a strong conservative woman, but he can’t help himself.
        You know what happened “first blood” was drawn against Rambo…..

  3. DD said

    Green with envy, Pat the low IQ liberal troll, is showing his ignorance, once again, instead of commenting on the subject he comes up with, none substance, one liners
    is stupidity a curse or an illness? Pat tell me: are you an apologist for radical Islam? and are you someone who despises American public opinion ?
    America is going to hell and President Obama wants to talk to the Taliban and lift restrictions with Cuba, solution or a clever diversion?

  4. Pat said

    G’pub is a wannabe who thinks she is a very important person. If you don’t believe me, just ask her.

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