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Economy-What McCain Said

Posted by ginnypub on March 15, 2009

September 15, 2008:  Dow 10,917, Unemployment 6.2%


Debt Held by the Public

Intragovernmental Holdings

Total Public Debt Outstanding





The economic crisis is not the fault of the American people. Our workers are the most innovative, the hardest working, the best skilled, most productive, most competitive in the world, that’s the American worker,” McCain said at a town hall meeting here.

“My opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals, the American worker and their innovation, their entrepreneurship, the small business, those are the fundamentals of America and I think they’re strong.”  Sen. John McCain

“It’s not that I think John McCain doesn’t care what’s going on in the lives of most Americans. I just think doesn’t know. He doesn’t get what’s happening between the mountain in Sedona where he lives and the corridors of Washington where he works. Why else would he say that we’ve made great progress economically under George Bush?”

“Why else would he say, today, of all days – just a few hours ago – that the fundamentals of the economy are still strong? Senator – what economy are you talking about?”  Sen. Barry Soetoro

“Barack Obama’s short career as a public servant has been defined by pessimism, defeatism, and weakness in the face of the great challenges of our time. His lack of faith in American workers may explain his willingness to raise taxes during a struggling economy, but it is no way to lead our country.”  Sen. John McCain

McCain isn’t proposing any real solutions to fix the crisis. In fact, he won’t even help America’s workers—he refused to vote on the recent economic stimulus package in Congress.

In contrast, Sen. Barack Obama made sure he was on the Senate floor to vote in favor of an economic stimulus plan and will do so again if the current stimulus plan in the House makes it to the Senate.

When it comes to fundamentals, Sen. Obama understands our bottom line***.

Tula Connell  AFL-CIO

March 2009:  Dow 7,170 Unemployment 8.1%


Debt Held by the Public

Intragovernmental Holdings

Total Public Debt Outstanding





There are a lot of individual families who are experiencing incredible pain and hardship right now.”

“But if we are keeping focused on all the fundamentally sound aspects of our economy,” he added, “all the outstanding companies, workers, all the innovation and dynamism in this economy, then we’re going to get through this. And I’m very confident about that.”  Pres. Barry Soetoro

Consumer confidence is slightly up. The market is slightly up,” Biden said. “It’ll go down again, but the people are beginning to figure out that the president’s got a plan and he believes we can work our way through this.” VP Joe Biden 3/15/2009

Released on 3/13/2009 9:55:00 AM For March, 2009 :




Consensus Range


Sentiment Index – Level



47.5  to 57.0 



Oh, I SEE:

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had said Friday he was concerned about the safety of the estimated $1 trillion his country has invested in U.S. government debt. China is Washington’s biggest foreign creditor, and Obama’s administration is counting on the Chinese to help pay for the $787 billion economic stimulus package by buying U.S. bonds.

“Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I’m a little bit worried,” Wen said. “I would like to call on the United States to honor its words, stay a credible nation and ensure the safety of Chinese assets.”

***The new executive order signed by Obama on Friday encourages government bureaucrats to adopt discriminatory, union-only project labor agreements for any “large-scale construction project” – defined as any project costing over $25 million – and thus discriminate against the 92.5 percent of private sector workers who have chosen for a wide variety of reasons not to join a union.

With the “stimulus” bill approaching one trillion dollars including many such projects, Big Labor stands to rake in literally hundreds of millions of dollars in new forced-dues revenue seized straight out of workers’ paychecks, whether they support the union or not. (Meanwhile, other “stimulus” funds will go to groups with strong ties to organized labor.)

President Obama’s new executive order comes a week after he issued two other executive orders giving the Secretary of Labor unchecked, unprecedented authority to blacklist non-union employees wanting to work on federal contracts.

Taken together, the new executive orders indicate President Obama is quite eager to repay the union bosses for spending well over one billion dollars (in mostly forced union dues) to elect Obama and other pro-forced unionism candidates.

Moreover, Big Labor’s high command is likely to funnel that money right back into its political machine in expectation of even more forced unionism power grabs – including efforts toward the ultimate goal of eliminating all 22 state Right to Work laws by federal fiat.


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