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Andrew Napolitano for SCOTUS

Posted by ginnypub on May 1, 2009

Too bad Judge Andrew Napolitano doesn’t pass Barry Soetoro’s litmus test for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee- the Constitution of the United States of America “is not a static but rather a living document.”

Courtesy of my second favorite Ron Paul-iac, Cato (the first being my brother, Jack):


4 Responses to “Andrew Napolitano for SCOTUS”

  1. Harrison Fields said

    Good job but why not aim your cyber-gun at some local problems like that flub dud at the EDC who hides behind statistics? Our local monkey-monks keep praising Mark Health while unemployment keeps a rising.

  2. […] Original post by ginnypub […]

  3. Cato said

    Hey Ginny! Thanks for the mention. Hope you enjoy The Judge and Freedom Watch in the days to come

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