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I grew up in Martinsville. It’s a small mill and furniture-manufacturing town in the Piedmont district of Virginia. The ever-decreasing population is an eclectic mix of socialists, rednecks and chronically unemployed “victims” governed by a nest of corrupt democrats. I fit in there like a foot in a glove.

My husband of 30 years comes from beautiful Richlands, VA (Richlands….aaaahhhh), but he grew up in Canebrake and Berwind West Virginia. We’ve lived in Henrico, VA for the past 25 years.  Our first grandchild was born on  Sept. 29, 2007. Our son is 31 and is a computer programmer. Always a groomsman, never a groom, he’s an all-around nice guy who loves to travel.  


I’m a black and white kind of person who doesn’t have much use for  “nuance”.

The word intellectual makes me a little nauseated.

I believe in good and evil and could care less what happened in someone’s childhood that made them evil.

I believe that God created Heaven, Earth and mankind. It always amazes me that folks who consider the Holy Bible some kind of ignorant, right-wing, religious fanaticism are the same ones who believe in a giant galactic explosion that created organisms which turned into monkeys that magically transformed into  humans.

I am an unapologetic, flag-waving, patriotic Republican.

I believe that corn is food, NOT fuel.

I believe the National Education Association has turned the public school system into a machine that manufactures little androgynous socialists.

I believe in mandatory sentencing for anyone convicted of raping a child and I loathe those who advocate for “rehabilitation” of the rapist as much as I loathe the rapist.

I believe that our colleges and universities should NOT hire PLO spokesmen, domestic terrorists, members of the KKK or members of the Soros Open Society Institute.



12 Responses to “ABOUT ME….”

  1. Tim Bestler said

    Hi Uncle Mike,

    I heard Emily’s name mentioned on the Mark Levine show in conjunction with an interview of Vince Flynn Monday.

    Some time I will have to tell you my story of how Alison (our oldest daughter) was accepted to Hillsdale College but was concerned it was too conservative. I am still depressed!

    Love your blog,


    Link of the day:

  2. james komendera said

    Dear Ginny,

    Is there any way I can obtain a poster size pic on the “cousin eddy” on your website, of him emptying the shitter? we are big fans of “Christmas Vacation” and my daughter is getting married this Sat. ( for our outside bathrooms) Thanks so much!

  3. I’d like to apologize for not visiting your blog sooner. I’m a fellow member of the ODBA and I really enjoy your posts. I say, cut through the Bravo-Sierra and tell it like it is!!!

    • ginnypub said

      Thanks, Goodsense. If you’re like me, there are so many blogs on your daily reading list, it’s hard to read them all every day.

  4. afrocity said

    Great blog Ginnypub. I love that you said corn is food. I am a black republican from the midwest. Thank you for linking to the NBRA and please feel free to comment on my blog sometime:

  5. carol1977 said

    I totally subscribe to your beliefs. Wouldn’t it be nice if Obama’s mentor Bill Ayres did not collect two salaries, one from Hugo Chaze and the sceond for the taxpayers at the University of Illinois?

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

    I added you to mine joyously.

    Keep up the great articles!

    • ginnypub said

      You’re welcome. I added you to my blogroll the first time I read something you had written.
      You have terrific insight.

  6. ginnypub said

    This means we’re BOTH spot AND perfect.

    P.S. It’s snowing in Richlands (aaahhhh).

  7. badrose said

    In other words, you’re perfect! 🙂
    Your description of M-ville is spot (i got that from my 11 year-old) but you forgot to mention the TRUST FUND BABIES! Since the world revolves around them (and their tee times) I’m sure they’d be disappointed not to be recognized in the cast of characters.
    I’m delighted to see your blog and read your insights. I too have Richlands, Richmond & Martinsville listed in the ingredients of my life recipe so its good to see someone else that’s reached the same conclusion after living in all 3 places – Government that governs least, governs best.

  8. ginnypub said

  9. Jacque said

    I find your article on the background similarities of Obama and Hitler very interesting! I’m wondering where the info came from and if there is a website I can go to for verification? I’d like to know that before I send this info out. Thanks!

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