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Courtesy of writechic, today’s triple barf-bagger is about Darrel J. Vandeveld**

Here is my response:

Thank goodness this bleeding heart panty-snapper, Vendeveld, is out. Thanks for the update.

Too bad this poor tortured soul who has a “permanent headache” from “harsh lighting” at Gitmo wasn’t gunned down in Afghanistan. Gunning down Mohammed Jawad, aka Amir Khan, Mir Jan, Sakheb Badsha, wasn’t an option, however, because the 2 homemade grenades he was carrying would have caused grievous injury or death to innocent bystanders.

By the way, remember Sergeant First Class Michael Lyons, Sergeant First Class Christopher Martin and Afghan interpreter Assadullah Khan Omerk? They were riding in the vehicle that was engulfed in flames when this poor vulnerable “child” threw one of his THREE homemade grenade in the window on December 17, 2002 in Kabul, Afghanistan. They are living everyday with the torture of permanent injuries, pain, scars and memories of what this “child” did.

Cry me a river.

**Vandeveld-Dutch word-translation-douche bag.



Democracy Now! Exclusive (Part 2): Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn on the Weather Underground, the McCain Campaign Attacks, President-Elect Obama and the Antiwar Movement Today


William Ayers, distinguished professor of education and a senior university scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is the author many books, including his 2001 memoir, Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist, which has just been reissued

Bernardine Dohrn, Associate Professor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law and the Director of Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center.

…we have to do a lot more listening and a lot more talking to deal with, really, the future of the planet, massive starvation, the destruction of water and rivers and oceans, and the relationship of all that to war and armament. I don’t see how we can move forward out of this economic crisis without massive demilitarizing of the U.S. empire machine.

I think that’s what we have to do, but how do we have that? I don’t have any formula for how we do that. I want to talk to everybody about how key that question is of how much money and resources and off the budget, you know, budgeting of our tax dollars goes into that unaccountable, highly privatized war machine of domination and mayhem. When we have so many fundamental human needs here and around the world. And what?

I want to say one last thing. The best of the new Left and the best of the social struggles of today have at their core the valuing of human life. All human life. You have to say both parts of that because people in the United States have to find our place in the world. And in some ways get off the necks and the backs of people of the world. We have to live differently. We have to live, and I say this with all humility too, you know. We have to all together learn to live differently so that others may live. So that core notion that animates social justice movements is really the valuing of all human life.



At last we can leave 9/11 behind, not to mention the “politics of fear”.  It’s time for unity by race-baiting (but peacefully, of course).

A former FBI agent recently on FNC said that Bernardine Dohrn was a helluva lot scarier than her hubby, Bill Ayers. I see what he means.


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